Patrick Hopkins Review


Dealing with Patrick Hopkins has been the biggest stress in my life. I will never make another bet with him again! He was new to my neighborhood and started talking smack in my court and making bets. He was really bad but kept losing so he kept making bigger and bigger bets saying, “C’mon, bro. Lemme win my money back. Run it back!” I thought he was easy money so, like a FOOL, I accepted his challenges each and every time until he was $500 in the red. Finally, on the last game of the day, he bet me $2,000 he could beat me. He said he didn’t know how to play basketball but his J was so sickening and he could throw 3 pointers on the regular. His freestyle dribble game was creamy, his footwork was immaculate, and he made me look like a fool in front of my girl with his quickness! He walked away with my money because he was dishonest and a liar. There was no way I could have known a white guy could move like that. If anyone ever runs into this guy, don’t play basketball with him. He will destroy you with his freestyle insanity. .

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