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Complaint: I received a postcard from Patriot Law Group in January of 2015. We were not behind in our mortgage, but felt that Bank of America treated us very unfairly in our modification.(s) and once we called Patriot, Oh boy they could help for money. Patriot Law Group was contacted and they said they could help us recoup monies from Bank of America, which had been sold to Greentree..It wasn’t that we couldnt afford our payment, but our documents had been lost at least 6 times, our mortgage was sold to Greentree with a different balance, and 50,000.00 w/o interest and a 40 year mortgage..Patriot Law Group, promised they would modifiy us, that the mortgage company had 21 days to responsed, we just had to pay 3800.00 in advance. We made 3 payment, totally 3500.00 which was our agreement..We figured what did we have to lose.. The last payment went out on 4/6/15, and thats when the emails, phone calls, stopped coming in and all were going out to them, All they wanted was their money, and they would get right on it. Questions, that they should have been able to answer with our mortgage company, were left to me to figure out.. I really am starting to think that these mortgage companies are putting these people up to this. Now stating that we had another year before we could modify, (we had only been with Greentree a year) which was also confirmed with our mortgage company..We had been with Greentree for 2 years almost, it was right in my bankstatements. Silly us. They have a great system going on, with several employees, Adam Gomez, Eliana Lazo, Shino Hirayama, R Kimball, Y Lee..If you look up the address, you get nothing but lawyers with bad reps..These people are thefts. Someone needs to stop them. We look at others that have lost everything, have several children and low paying jobs and wonder how these people are still going. Wow, I feel sorry for our children that have to deal with these type of businesses. Im a trusting person, but no more..We want our money back and will not stop until we get it..Shame on them and all these banks that have done people wrong..Now we are getting settlements checks in the mail for $20 or $30. when consumers were taken for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are working hard and they are hardly working and robbing people blind. They are like rattlesnakes in a dark hole just waiting for their next victims to walk by. S & M, Fleury

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