Pat’s Power Equipment Review


I brought my Echo leaf blower to Pat’s on two occassions for the same reason – it wouldn’t start. In both cases I was told that I had flooded the motor and the first time I used the machine it started but would not start again. I was charged $80 for parts and labor each time. I was never shown the parts which were replaced nor was I informed as to what work was done (for this I balme myself). I then brough the lead blower to another repair shop and they pointed out that the problem was a plugged fuel filter coupled with a dirty needle valve and weak spring in the carburetor. The repairman asked me where I had taken it to be repaired and told me that their was no evidence that anything had been changed or repaired on my leaf blower. Attempts to be refunded for both visits were rebuffed and he hung up on the phone on me the second time I called. Pat’s Power Equipment is clearly a rip-off to all consumers. I would never recommend you ever bring anything there to be repaired. They are dishonest and bad at what they do. .

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