Pats Small Engine Plus Weogufka Alabama Review


In June of 2013 I purchased a new Hydragear ZT2200 hydraulic drive transmission for my zero turn mower from this seller. I have just installed it on my mower following all of the manufacturers instructions. The unit is deffective and the seller will not take it back. The seller stated to me since I am not an authorized repair center for the drive my warranty is now void. I am 62 years old and have been an industrial A mechanic for over 40 years and I have been working on and repairing all types of industrial equipment throughout these years. No one from this firm indicated to me that I had to have a service center change out this part on my mower to maintain the warranty. Why would this firm sell parts to individuals like me in the first place knowing there would be no opportunity for a warranty claim because I am not a service center. Firms like this one should not be allowed to sell items to individuals without supporting manufacturer warranties. I did contact Hydragear and they will not honor a warranty claim since I did not buy it dirrectly from them. They said I would have to return it to the firm that I purchased it from. By the time I purchase a second unit through an authorized center and have them install it I will have about 75% of the mower purchase price invested in this repair. This definitely is a consumer rip off and I will never purchase anything else from this seller.

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