Patton Credit Group Review


On Jan 23 2020, I received an email from [email protected] regarding my loan approval. I honestly dont remember applying with them but I might have applied through a loan center. We discussed the details of the loan and she sounded legit and a professional loan specialist. I checked the website exists with valid business email. I dint sign the first loan offer because it was cash secured $1500 for a $20k loan. I told her I was gonna get a cosignor which after submitting the documents, I was told he was disapproved. I was so sad I could not get the loan. After one week, I asked her how much deposit is required for which I agreed to etransfer the $1500 after e signing on the loan agreement. Before sending the money on Feb 6, I checked the website and it was fine. I think this company is legit but little did I know it practices fraudulent activities. The following day I wrote to the Admin manager because the loan was not released yet and she said the lender is asking for an insurance payment of $999 because I am high risk borrower. What surprised me was when she said that the insurance money will come back to me at the end of the 5 year loan (strange for an insurance payment. I also asked if this can be netted off from the loan and Anne said not possible. I knew already it was a scam!. I did ask for a refund of the 1500 but there was no response and by this time, the website was already suspended. I will be reporting this to the Candian Anti Fraud Centre, just waiting for my bank to confirm which bank the money was deposited on. Too bad I lost the 1500 and the opportunity to consolidate my payday loans and credit card. Sad that there are people like Melissa and Anne of Patton Credit Group who prey on people who are struggling and needs help, and looked upon them as Savior and only hope.

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