Paul Cahalane Derry New Hampshire


Complaint: Paul Cahalane is an acting manager at Insurance Express, this company has been in business for about a year. This company consist of a dark boiler room filled with personal computers serving as a call center. Paul Cahalane who’s managment skills consist of degrating and demoralizing staff, mostly women who earn a lousy $9.00 an hour generating bogus internet list of potential Insurance clients ranging from 11 year olds to disabled,vision impaired individuals who can’t drive! Paul Cahalane is mentally and verbally abusive to his staff ! He leans over your shoulder as your working to watch what you are doing (or looking down all the womens shirts to see cleavage, because he never had a girlfriend) and making you feel imcompitient and belittle you when you don’t hit the goal that day even when you tried and worked your hardest! (not all customers want to be bothered by us) it’s not our fault if they don’t want this! Paul Cahalane makes up the rules as he goes along, as soon as we follow he says we as employees are stupid for not following rules when he just changes them abruptly. Paul Cahalane thinks its funny and jokes about degrating comments in regards to women and says He can hire any loser off the street or a random person in Walmart to do our jobs! All of the employees are working and are serious about their job and this Loser “Paul Cahalane”” has the nerve to speak to his employees in such a discusting manner! He should not be an acting manager at Insurance Express or any other company!”

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: 284 North Broadway Suite 101, Salem,NH 03079 Internet United States of America


Phone: 603-898-7000

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