Pawgua Review


This company sells portable dog water bowls and coolers. I placed my order for 2 bowls and a cooler on August 12, 2011. Before I ordered, I emailed them and asked if I ordered that day, when would it be shipped. They responded very quickly that it would ship no later than August 15 and that it would arrive in plenty of time for a trip I had planned on the 25th. I was impressed with their quick response.My order didn’t arrive.The last week of August, I emailed them to ask about the status of my order. They didn’t reply. In September I did the same thing. They didn’t reply. I called their 800 number, which had a recording saying it was disconnected. In October I called their regular phone number and got voice mail. I left a detailed message about the problem, with my order number and my phone number. Here it is November and they haven’t replied or sent my order.Tonight I noticed they have blocked me from being able to leave comments on their Facebook page (I had “liked”” their page when I ordered)

even though I hadn’t left any negative comments yet. This makes it obvious to me that they knew they ripped me off

had no intention of fulfilling my order

and wanted to block me in case I thought about leaving a negative comment.I also noticed on Facebook over the past couple of months

that they put their ad on their page and then they take it down a couple of days later. Then they do it again at a later date and take it down again. I guess they figure if they only rip people off on a small scale and then block the people they rip off from leaving comments

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