Pawnee Leasing Corporation Review


I had a lease with Pawnee for a batch freezer. I had not received the item yet. Then Hurricane Irma hit Florida. The shop I was building was damaged by the hurricane. So we will not be opening for 12 months. I called the vendor Emery Thompson. And they are going to refund all money back to Pawnee. But Pawnee does not want to refund my the money I paid them for monthly payments on the equipment that I have not even received yet. And the don’t want to refund the security deposit and the last payments paid to start the lease. So Pawnee is getting all there money back from the vendor. And keeping all my money. So they are making a profit off this national disaster that hit Florida. This is not how a company should be helping small business affected by a national disaster. This is a BIG RIP OFF! This will need to contact the attorney general . So they can see how this company is treating small business after a national disaster. Everyone Please Stay Away From This Company!


  • Name: Pawnee Leasing Corporation
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Fort Collins
  • Address: 700 Centre Ave
  • Phone: 970-482-2556
  • Website:

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