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Complaint: I am posting a letter to help save consumers from getting ripped of on auto repairs. In January 2004 my 1997 Ford F150 maroon in colour would not start. After looking at the ads in the yellow pages I decided to bring my vehicle to Payless Auto Service located at 330 Fort William Road in Thunder Bay. I was told that my engine was seized beyond repair, my only options would be to purchase a new engine for $6000.00 or buy a used engine for about $4000.00. My vehicle was a 1997, it had 230,000 kms on it and when I looked at the selling price it was saying about $6000.00-$7500.00 vehicle value. I went to speak with the owner about my options and he told me that if I could the best option would be to buy a new vehicle and sell this on as is, he then went on to tell me he would purchase the vehicle himself and make a little profit maybe $1000.00 for himself. I agreed to the deal the selling price was $1800.00. We had a deal to complete this transaction by March 29, 2004. After a week or two I saw the vehicle parked outside for sale the asking price was $7995.00 however the vehicle mileage had now been changed to 168,000 kms. I went in to speak to Jason the owner and questioned why he had changed the mileage, it is my understanding it was against the law. He went on to tell me that he had the right to change the mileage that there was something wrong with my speedometre and he changed the entire dashboard. I then asked why he would not attempt to move the odometre back to where it was he gave me some lame excuse. I also asked him what he actually did to my vehicle, I was informed that all the work that was required was a Head Gasket job which runs about $500.00-$1000.00. I asked him why he did not give me the option to do this, he told me that I did not want to take the time to see what was wrong, I assumed when I brought the vehicle in and he gave me the diagnosis it was because he had taken the engine apart and found the problem! I was basically scammed out of my vehicle, this man decided I guess that I was just a excuse the expression “dumb woman”” who did not know any better. I have in turn recieved an additional $700.00 for the vehicle bringing the grand total of $2500.00 for a vehicle that only need about $500.00 worth of work. I contacted the Ministry of Transportation who informed me that I had gone to one of the worst repair shops in Thunder Bay

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Address: that Payless Auto is known for being a bunch of scammers! I have filed a report with the Thunder Bay Police! I do not have the money to fight this in court but I feel that if I can save one person from being ripped off it’ll help! I still cannot believe that somebody could do this to somebody else I spent 5 years paying for this truck

Website: 330 Fort William Road Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

Phone: sometimes just making the payments only to have it stolen from me! So in closing I just would like to say consumers please beware and do not bring your vehicle for repair to Payless Auto located at 330 Fort William Road in Thunder Bay Ontario or purchase from their used car department because I can guarentee they will steal your money! Thanks for listening. Have a great day! Angie Thunder Bay

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