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Complaint: On October 20, 2018, I initiated a Buy it Now listing on eBay for an Intel CPU The listing may be found here: After purchasing my item on 10/21/18, the buyer (qbws_us_2iimstaxd) (ShaLong Wei) paid for it in the amount of $379.79 using Payal registered name Cheng Gu Wen, via PayPal. I sent the item on 10/21/18, and it was delivered to San Diego at the following address on 10/24/18: ShaLong Wei 325 W Washington St Ste 2937 San Diego, CA 92103 United States This address is a postal Shortly between the time the item was purchased and the item was delivered on 10/24/18, the buyer’s account was suspended by eBay due to a pattern of suspicious activity. On 10/30/18, Mr. or Ms. Wei filed an “item is not as described”” complaint with PayPal. In order for the buyer to receive a refund

Tags: Computer Parts

Address: the buyer is required to return the item directly to the seller. I did not receive the package

Website: but instead

Phone: although USPS tracking indicated that the package was delivered 11/6/18. I also filed an appeal with PayPal on 10/31/18. I subsequently contacted the Post Office by using the “”Where is my package”” feature. The USPS opened up case HQ140367136. I was contacted by Ms. Regina Hernandez and Mr. Frank Lemos

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