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Was having problems with my canon mg 5220 printer. Went to a canon site and was linked to pc teknicians inc. as a company which could repair my printer problems. Initialy thought that i was speaking to a canon rep and didn’t understand that it was a difirent company. Was told that my network had been comprimized and that a large number of individuals were using my network to access the internet through my network. Was told it would cost me $229 to have my computer cleaned of the illicit users and then they would repair my printer problems.told me i would receive their support for one year 24/7 for that price. Needing the printer i agreed to the $229 on my credit card. made the payment received a reciept for $229. They did their stuff downloaded a supposed anti network hijack search system which i was told to run weekly to detect network interference and remove intruders, then told me they couldnt repair my printer problems. Called me back a day later wanting access to my computer again which i refused as i had decided they could not help as the supposed benifts i was told i would experience did not materialize( faster, better computer performance) They tried to reach me again on 2 seperate occassions but i didnt respond as i felt they were a ripoff and waste of time possibly trying to gain access to my computer to remove evidence of their presence. Recieved my credit card bill to discover a charge of $298 which i had not agreed to. Tried to contact them throuh their toll free number of 1-888-856-4668 was told my call was important and would have to wait for the next available tech to shortly hear the words “goodbye” and have the connection broken. Tried several times to make contact through that phone number to experience the same results, no contact. I’ve gone back to the canon site and have found that the link to pc teknicians doesn’t exist now. That will be the last canon printer i ever own and i would love to bring pc teknicians to justice as i beleive they are nothing more than a fraudulant company which takes advantage of consumer ignorance to scam money from the public. The individuals i did business with told me they were in india and their accent would seem to confirm that claim. Their web site claim that Sunil Maini and Aswni Malhotra are directors of pc teknicians inc. .

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