PDG Global Services Complaint


Buyer Beware! I entered an arrangement with PDG Global Services on June 17, and paid to have content developed at an “Ultimate Level” (allegedly the best quality) in 8-14 days. A stipulation of my order was to receive a portion of the order in 8 days. They company representative Sonia was very agreeable and answered all of my questions via LiveChat. I thought the price was fair and their deposit system of “pay as you go” made me feel comfortable with the arrangement. After being contacted by “project manager” Amanda, I sent a very detailed document of instructions. 13 days later (June 30), I received 1/2 of the work promised to me on June 24. The quality was better than I expected, but it was still late. I inquired where the remainder of the work promised to me early was and was assured that I would have it soon but not to worry as I would all of the work complete by July 2. One day late, not a big deal as I was happy with the quality. This is where the problems started. July 2 became July 3. I offered them an extension (BIG MISTAKE) as I didn”t want the quality of the work to be compromised. July 5 I received an email from Sonia saying that I would receive it in the middle of the night. July 6, I received the second half of what was promised to me on June 24, the quality was good but not as great as the first half and it was evident that this was writer by a different writer. At this point, I have missed 3 meetings with my supervisor, and have meetings scheduled for July 7 and 11. I received the content for July 7th”s meeting on July 8, quality was excellent but again evident that yet another author had contributed to my content. I received received half of the content for July 10ths meeting on July 12, after calling the office quality was the same as the previous work and was written by the third author. My absolute final deadline for draft hand-in was 1 hour ago and I am still yet to receive the remainder of the work that I was promised to receive by 10pm yesterday. To top it off, conveniently Live Chat is off and no one is answering emails. 5 missed meetings, content is currently incomplete (of course has been paid in full) and it is not now 27 days from the day I ordered. Will update I currently have 55 minutes or I will fail.

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