Peace Valley Internal Medicine Chalfont Pennsylvania Review


These reviews of Dr. Alan Abramowitz and the horror stories that patients endure at Peace Valley Internal Medicine are ALL true but it gets even stranger. I was a patient there and the nurse was bringing me into one of the examination rooms after one of their notorious 2 hour waiting sessions in the lobby. And she opened the door to the exam room and Dr. Alan Abramowitz and that Rene Curry were umu2026letu2019s just say they werenu2019t shaking hands. I had a fever and just wanted a prescription and to leave but Dr. Abramowitz came in and was angry and said, u201cYou know, if you tell anyone what you just saw, Iu2019ll destroy your [email protected]*ng lifeu2026nod if you understand.u201d I shook my head yes and he said, u201cOk, now get the f*ck out of my office or Iu2019ll call the cops and say you groped one of my nurses. Itu2019s true, this guy is a parasite scumbag. Steer clear of this office. And keep your children and your elderly parents from this office.

5039 Swamp Rd., Suite 401 Chalfont, Pennsylvania United States


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