Peak Medical Care Review


Been feeling out the company since 1st contact via email to find out if they shipped to nj. I decided to give them a trial run with a small order (5 carts required at the time up until i was ready to wire the money). Then i was told they are taking all the risk and there is a $500 minimum order for all out of state orders. What risk is he taking besides me turning him in and i am no narc. I am risking the wire transfer, i am risking delivery and risking crossing state lines. No where on the site is this mentioned. When he told me their was a minimum requirement and of course when i asked, he gave a 3-5 second delay and pulled $500 out his ass. His phone number on website, no one picks up, they use another # via whatsapp and no matter how i contact said company, the same guy "david wells" sells under both david wells and peak medical. He states he has a store front. I told him he had no reviews or references and in no way sending unsecure funds without proof or even making me feel comfortable about buying from him. He hung up on a potential $20k per month if he even exists over my $250 test order. Kept saying he was taking all the risk…


  • Name: Peak Medical Care
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: San Diego
  • Address: non give
  • Phone: (949)381-1778 and (707)413-7497
  • Website:

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