Peak Six Power And Gas, LLC. Review


Salesmen came to my door wanting to know if I got the new “update” to my gas service. I was suspicious but listened to what they had to say. I warned him that i had been had by one of these companies in the past and that I just expect them to tell me to the truth. They did not. | After signing up, they even had another guy come to my door to ask me to sign AGAIN, saying that it was just a ‘verification’ of some kind and I refused to sign again. It didn’t make sense because I already got a confirmation letter. I took notes on the sales pitch and they were completely lying. | He said that my Tier 1 therm allowance would go up from 7.82 to 55, and that my price per therm on Tier 1 usage would go down from 1.20581 to .99 per therm. Instead, on my new bill I still had the same allowance and the price per therm went up. In addition I had a seperate charge tacked on of $31.79. I called them, and she said “Didn’t you read the agreement that you signed?” | I told her they went over it with me thoroughly, and that I took notes and that they just lied to me. She is sending me the document I signed (via iPad I didn’t get a copy) and she said that the deal is I get a flat rate of 29.99 per month. THAT WAS NEVER MENTIONED. | I cancelled the service and got a confirmation number. Told her I wanted to file a complaint against the salesman that lied to me, but she diverted my attention to sending me the signed document that I should have read in its entirety. Complete misrepresentation and price gouging.


  • Name: Peak Six Power And Gas, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Austin
  • Address: 2305 E Cesar Chavez St
  • Phone: (888) 414-9669
  • Website:

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