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I found this sheath on ETSY. I’m guessing Etsy are not particular who gets on their vendor list I feel ETSY is complicit in this RIP-OFF because I’ve read similar problem from another customer of Pelham Valley Leather on this very web site dated May 21, 2017, Aaron of Lockport Illinois USA. ETSY should have restricted Pllham Valley Leather from access to their Web site to protect consumers once ETSY were aware of P.V.L.s inability to fufill their orders. On 11/11/2017 I purchased a Leather knife sheath from Pelham Valley Leather. Before I purchase this item I had some questions about the payment and color of the item so I e-mailed Travis and he responded very quickly to my e-mail. I usually don’t like to buy from strange web sites unless it provideds a phone number and are local, but seeing as how he responded so quickly and he was local, I thought him trustworthy, so I brought it. Well since the funds were transferred from my account I’ve not received the item or gotten a responce to my numerous e-mails. all the website will tell me on the orders page is it hasn’t shipped yet. I will seek Remedies accordingly if not satisfied.

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