Complaint: I highly suggest who receives these types of letters with blue and red stripe trim letters, immediately throw them away with out reading it. Do not give these letters a minute of your time. Unless, your willing like me for a while there, to give them your hard earned money. Such a hoax on poor insecure people. Yes, I’m admitting myself I was believing this letter and much more. Then when it was to late to recant on what I was believing and how much money i actually gave them. I discovered the rip off. “Your so special to our

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Address: “”Society””. “”Congratulations! You have been accepted as a new Society member. Your are truly one of the lucky few””. BS I say. I’ve been receiving these letters for years now and I’m still in the same position as my first letter? And full excepted and happy. I saw this Ripoff Scams and had to write my own report. Don’t waste your presious time and just know with in your self only you can do the changing for yourself. Not this crap.”


Phone: USA

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