Pension am Hauptbahnhof Complaint


Confirmation Number: [protected] Check-in: Sun 5 Jan 2020 Check-out: Wed 8 Jan 2020. I live in Australia. Recently I was in Germany. I was given the incorrect code (see attachment) and could not access the keys to enter the Guesthouse in Munich. It was close to midnight, I had no option but to find and pay for accommodation elsewhere. I rang Pension/Guesthouse am Hauptbahnhof on Monday 6th Jan. The person I spoke to admitted that they had given me the incorrect code. This person told me to come to Reception, I explained that due to my schedule I was unable to be at reception before it closed. The incorrect access code was a mistake made by a member of staff at Pension/Guesthouse am Hauptbahnhof, I requested that my bank account be credited with the full amount, unfortunately, the person I spoke to refused my request and slammed the phone down on me. I expect my bank account to be credited with the full amount including International Transaction Fee.(see attachments)

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