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Complaint: Pep Boys Store # 0453–These guys have issues on top of issues.It stands to reason that a big sign that hangs in their shop that says they care about the customers is totally incorrect. I wish I had stayed the course and not tried to solve an issue so quickly. However, with recent events with officers pulling over cars for the simplest things I did not want to have any problems. All I wanted was a resolution not a $2,000.00 bill. Here is my story. I have a 1998 Land Rover Range Rover. I noticed on Saturday night, May 1st, that the one of my head lamps was out. Land Rover is not open on Sundays and I did not want to get a ticket. So I took my car down to Pep Boys which was in the area of my friend. After standing in line while two “workers”” were chatting about another worker’s vacation–a mechanic

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Address: was standing nearby. I asked a question if they repaired head lamps on the Range Rover. I had been told before that it might be possible but doubtful. So I felt asking would be within reason. He responded to say

Website: which I did not know what was on the Land Rover since I recently purhcased it used. He says

Phone: “”yeah

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