Pep Boys Store #0669/ Rosa Mesa AZ


Complaint: I asked for and authorized for Pep Boys to do a tune-up after they looked over my car for 24 hours because the car engine was stalling when starting. At their recommendation, that the problem would be fixed if they replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition rotor, distributor cap & idler belt and replaced my air con belt. I was charged $414.94 As soon as I started my car, I immediately felt I still had the same problem. I came back right away and complained that I still had the original problem with the car. I was told to leave the car and they would try to fix it and that it will be ready the next day. They asked my permission, as they needed the engine diagnostic apparatus to fix my car and I’d be charged $79.00 additionally. I replied, “no problem

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Address: “” as long as they fixed the car’s problem. The next day I came back I was told they don’t know where to hooked up my car to the engine diagnostic apparatus and was advised to take my car to a dealer instead. I asked Rosa [the manager kuno] why I had to pay so much money while I still have the original problem of my car. She replied

Website: and they are the only car repair open at that time. I feel they know this and take advantage of the customers that come in later in the evening Bill Mesa

Phone: I asked for a tune-up so they replaced the above parts. I replied the parts that you replaced is not what’s causing the car to stall. My car is 1982 Mercedes Benz

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