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Complaint: Pepboys tried to charge me labor on an alignment warranty job that they screwed up a month ago. The shop manager and mechanic who worked on my vehicle wanted me to pay the labor for the time it took the mechanic to reinstall the inner tie-rod that he obviously popped out while adjusting the alignment. He claims the tierod was poorly installed however the previous shop to adjust the alignment was PEPBOYS themselves! From looking at the car on the lift it looks as if the mechanic tried to shortcut the job. He performed a course adjustment using the inner tierod assembly itself instead of performing a fine adjustment using the jamb nut when the tierod popped out the rack and pinnon assembly. Here’s the Ripoff Scams…Since the service was a warranty alignment adjustment it meant no revenue for Pepboys. I could see the look of greed on the “service”” manager’s face! The “”service”” manager and mechanic who worked on the vehicle tried to charge me for the labor to fix THEIR ERROR using intimidating tactics which never work on me. I argued with them for about an hour and paid NOTHING. (4 hrs…it took the mechanic 4 hrs to do an alignment adjustment!!!) I will never return to Pepboys again unless the alignment is screwed up yet another time. I used to perform oil changes and buy all of my car parts and tools from Pepboys…NEVER AGAIN WILL THEY SEE A DIME OF MY MONEY OR ANYONE ELSE WHO KNOWS ME. On a positive note

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Address: NTB and a local mechanic I know are the only ones who will touch my vehicle again. Autozone

Website: GeorgiaU.S.A.”

Phone: Napa

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