Performance Bicycle Review


I purchased a Diamondback Apex Performance Exclusive Mountain Bike from Performance Bicycle on March 9, 2017 and it turns out the bike is a lemon with all kinds of mechanical issues. | The front fork shocks squeeks like “eeee, errrrr, eeee, errrr”, the pedal crank case squeeks whenever the left pedal is in the front, going down position with every cycle of pedaling, the front gears wobble back and forth, and the rear derailure will automatically, on its own, shift into another gear if you need to pedal hard and get some speed making you practially fall off of your pedals which makes it dangerous if you need to speed up (e.g., intersection), and both pedals broke under normal use (junk). | About three weeks after I bought the bike I brought it in so they can see about the front fork squeeking problem and they said “we’ll file a warrantee claim and call you when we get a response, which is about a month”. | I waited two months with no response and went back to the store and the guy, though nice, professional, and apologetic, said he didn’t hear back from diamondback and would have to submit it again. I then told him about the squeek in the crank and both the front and rear gear problems and he was apologizing for the issues. I then asked him if I got a lemon and said “yeah, it looks like it. I”m so sorry for the inconvenience.” So here I am with a busted bike with a bunch of problem and its not being fixed. I want my money back so I can use that money to fix the bike being that Performance Bike won’t fix it. | About three weeks after I bought the bike I noticed that it went on sale and so because Performance Bicycle offers a 30 Day Price Guarantee that if you see your item on sale for less within 30 days they’ll refund the difference. I emailed Performance Bicycle per instructions on their website with my bike’s receipt a lady named Sharon responded saying she couldn’t open the receipt jpg file and asked for the order number. I provided the number within minutes of receiving the email and that was the last I heard from her. I never got any refund. Three weeks past and I inquired by responding to Sharon’s email requesting the order number if they were going to refund the difference. No response or acknowledgement of the email. About six to seven weeks past and I emailed the main Performance Bike contact telling them about them not honoring their 30 Day Price Guarantee. No response. Perforance Bike just blows you off and doesn’t honor their 30 Day Price Guarantee. | I would like my money refunded, all of it, all $258.70. That way I can go fix it myself.


  • Name: Performance Bicycle
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Chapel Hill
  • Address: PO Box 2741
  • Phone: 800-727-2453
  • Website:

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