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Todd Perry of Perry & Sons Fencing Co. began work at my residence on 05-27-15. He never produced a contract despite repeated requests by myself and promises to do so. The promised dates of completion kept changing. The work that was done is not done correctly. As he worked, I discovered on a later date, he telephoned a family member asking them how to do the work (but did not take the advice he did receive). He refused to sign a contract I presented. He was paid in advance in good faith and never completed to work. As of 06-20-15, all the work must be re-done by another contractor/fencing co. Mr. Perry gave vague and ridiculous answers as to why he could not/did not appear for work as scheduled (i.e.”my wife doesn’t want me to work”). After extensive research I discovered: he has done the same to other people, he is not licensed or bonded, and he falsified his business license. He has also stolen from and tricked family members, the church, and others who try to assist him. Mr. Perry claims to be religious with a horrific childhood. He desired to begin his own business. I attempted to assist as others did the same for myself, but he took advantage of this. I never received the work as promised, and was never refunded my money as promised; Mr. Perry has “disappeared.”. I demand I have notified my attorney, BBB, state of TN, more. Stay away

  • #Todd M. Perry
  • #Todd M. Perry

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