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Complaint: Received a call for these crooks telling me I had to update my work posters, state and federal. New minimum wage, OSHA, etc….Sales rep tells me my new poster will be approximately 2 ft X 3 ft, had asked for size since it would be displayed on the wall with limited space. Assured me it would be smaller than what I currently have. The slimy worm didn’t lie, the poster I received was actually 3 1/2 in X 8 in. Big whopping difference. The poster is actually a Certificate of Good Faith Safety Compliance. What the seaweed is that going to do me? I can tell OSHA I’m in compliance, as if. The company is amoral. Why are they even operating, still? Trying to get my money back has been a nightmare. Rude and totally sarcastic people who I have dealt with. Their training classes must really do well if the sales reps are anything to go by. This company needs to be shut down. they are running the ultimate scam. Using government and state laws to their profiting from the false representation they give.

Tags: Government Services

Address: Nationwide USA


Phone: 1-877-648-6377

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