Peter Klamcat Review


We are a professional clenaing service that has been doing business with all of our Las Vegas customers for over 5 years, and a new customer that arrived by the name of Peter Klamcat called a few hours after the cleaning to report a watch as stolen, we investigated, talked to our maids, and did a thourough seach of their car and products and nothing was to be found. We asked the customer that if he needed the maids to go back and help him look we we’re more than happy since we have nothing to hide from, he refused. A few days later he posts a review on our page saying we stole his ring. We called him up and asked why his is reviewing a wedding ring as stolen when he had said it was a watch inicially. He seemed hesatant about our conversation and said he would put up reviews, etc. NOT A TRUSTWORTHY CUSTOMER, IF HE DOES THIS TO YOU PLEASE MAKE IT VISIBLE SO NO OTHER CLEANING COMPANY HAS TO GET RIPPED OFF BY THIS PERSON.


  • Name: Peter Klamcat
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 3231 Elk Clover
  • Phone: 917-932-7442
  • Website:

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