Peter Lotterhos Review


The following is a description of Peter Lotterhos that I would doubt anyone who truly knows him would dispute. He is a manipulative conman that uses people, mostly women, to his own means and end. He has numerous “girlfriends”” whom he uses to further his seminars by insisting they attend and promote for him

also while manipulating them to fund his travels to facilitate his career. He is a social cripple who is completely unable to manage his own life and uses women to pay his bills

manage his taxes and suck his *k…all of which are completely selfish acts as he does not reciprocate in any way shape or form…at ANY level!!nPeter f*s married women

insecure women

down on their luck women…and then tells them how they arent doing right in their life..all while manipulating them to pay HIS way and take care of him financially and emotionally (well

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