Petland New Hudson Michigan Review


I am an ex-employee of Petland, Novi. I want to make clear that I am not a disgruntled ex worker. I did not have any sort of disagreements with any of the other employees or managers. For all intents and purposes, Petland of Novi treated me, as a person and worker fairly and well. nIt is the treatment of the customers and the animals that I take issue with. I am aware of several incidents which have taken place in this store: nFirstly, for a time, there was an outbreak of distemper. A vet advised the owner to close the shop for a short time in order for the puppies who were already in the store to be checked and treated, the kennels to be cleaned, and to prevent any new puppies from catching this terrible disease. Instead, the owner accepted a new shipment of puppies, and caused an outbreak in which a few puppies had to be euthanized. nSecondly, there was a case in which a man who bought a small Chihuahua dropped her on her head at least twice. This caused her to go into seizures and he returned her for another dog. The associates were told by management not to inform any guests interested in this adorable little girl that she had been in a home before, that she’d had a name or that she’d been dropped. She was sold to another family who experienced serious health problems with her. nThirdly, there are often cases of infectious sicknesses like kennel cough spreading wildly through the store. This is because the kennel manager rarely takes the time to thoroughly check and treat the puppies as they should be. They are over-medicated and under-loved. When puppies are sick, they are placed in separate cages called “holding”” or “”isolation.”” The only problem is that the holding cages are only two feet away from regular cages

and isolation is across from the kitten kennels

where the kittens are constantly stressed and terrified because of the constant whining and barking of the ignored puppies. nThe kittens are not properly socialized because the store’s focus is its puppies

where the most profit can be made. They maintain the facade that they care deeply for he animals in the store

and that the prices they charge are to convey the value of the life that a customer is taking home with him. nIn reality

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