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I purchased an Earls restaurant gift card at the gas station using my Petro-Canada Mastercard and the girl operating the till did not activate the card. When I took the card to Earls, they told me the card had not been activated yet. I went back to the Penticton, BC gas station where I purchased the card and they gave me the run around about activating it. I went home, got my receipt and then demanded they activate the card that I paid $50 for. The clerk called the owner who got on the phone and told me that the employees could not activate gift cards. What?! They can sell them but not activate them so basically I just paid $50 for a piece of plastic. Now Im out money. Imagine if I had given the gift card to someone else rather than try to use it myself. The employee and the manager/owner of the gas station were very rude. Needless to say I will not be buying anything else there. Do Not purchase gift cards at this station unless you want to pay for worthless plastic!

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