PetSmart Store Support Group, Inc Review


I still lose sleep when I think about how my experience at PetSmart ended. They brainwash you so well that you buy in to everything they say and then one day you are told you are no longer needed over something trivial without warning or a history of breaking any rules. This company allows management and training staff to walk around and talk about fantasy sports or movies while new workers are looking around for help with a question. The place is so messy as far as spills , discarded materials, and such you would swear the was no management staff. You would be wrong. There are 3 shifts. Each one has no less than 6 floor supervisors and typical work days would have 10+ management types in the building. Nevertheless, workers leaving messes, un-pulled pallets or boxes, nonstop talking are the norm. Trainers date their trainees with no repercussion. In most businesses this would be considered unprofessional behavior. Despite complaint from other trainees in regards to unfair special treatment it falls on deaf ears. Some employees no matter how little they do seem to be made of teflon. The hardworking family man types are gone through like toilet paper. I have been employed over 17 years and have never seen turnover anywhere near the likes of PetSmart. This says a lot because i have experience in multiple lines of work. My reccommendation to anyone looking for for work there would be take the job if you have nothing else going for the time being. However, for your sake do not get comfortable. Continue to look for better work because you can be considered one of the best on the staff and be let go without just cause or prior warning. .

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