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DR. RON HIEMSTRA Family Practice, Professional Healthcare of Pinellas 727-525-5500 or 727-322-1054 5500 Dr. MLK Jr. St. Petersburg FL 33713 AAROGANT & UNPROFESSIONAL ARROGANT, AGGRESSIVE, UNATTENTIVE, (He types on his computer to get his work done during your visit and isn’t paying attention to your problems) CHANGES YOUR MEDICATION WITHOUT GOOD CAUSE, EVEN AFTER ANOTHER DOCTOR HAD JUST CHANGED IT FOR HEALTH REASONS, Treats Adults Like Children, BELITTLING, MEAN, UNPROFESSIONAL, HE HAS A THREATENING ATTITUDE if you don’t agree with him. DO NOT SEE THIS DOCTOR FOR A VISIT IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR HEALTHCARE. I had been treating at this facility Professional Healthcare of Pinellas for a couple of years. The Doctors change around so often. I ended up getting this new Doctor to this facility named RONALD R.HIEMSTRA. He is only Family Practice. I had been on several medications and never had a doctor switch out or DENY my MEDICATIONS. He told me some LAME story about me having to get my one main medication from another physician because that is the way the new Florida Laws are changing. HE LIED TO ME! I spoke with my other physician and he said that was his cop out way of not prescribing my medicine that he didn’t want to give me. He also stopped 3 other medicines on me also that same day. He refused to write my prescriptions. I him asked then what am I paying for and he told me his office exam. UNBELIEVABLE! I requested my cash money $60 back and they would not return it and the only service I got was for the Medical Assistant to take my Weight, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Heart Rate. When I had told him I was having side effects from one of my medications so I had stopped it to see if I would get better, HE YELLED AT ME IN A LOUD VOICE and treated me like a child. He didn’t even want to know the medical problems I was having with this med. He told me my visit was done and he was not giving me any of my medications that I had already been on for years and that I was to go to see my other doctor. I also tried to contact the other 2 physicians that I had seen at Professional Healthcare of Pinellas (which is their main office) 727-322-1054 and both Dr. Saba and Dr. Unaeze would not give me the time of at least one phone call to listen to what my complaint is about. Now I had just called to get a prescription called into the pharmacy where I’m staying out of town for my high cholesterol medication and Dr. Hiemstra refused. He wants me to come in and pay for another office visit. I had told the nurse to tell him that I had gone back on that medication right after that last September office visit because of the way Dr. Hiemstra had yelled at me. I have been on it since September. I am out of town and cannot get there for an appointment so I had even asked for a months worth of the cholesterol med just until I would get back to St. Pete. HE STILL REFUSED AND WANTED $60 FROM ME. BOTTOM-LINE: UNPROFESSIONAL OFFICE, SUPER LONG WAIT TIMES, DR. HIEMSTRA DOES NOT LISTEN NOR DOES HE CARE ABOUT HIS PATIENTS. $$$$$ Signs are all that he WANTS!!!!! I also know another patient that went there after he had a heart attack and went just to follow-up and get prescriptions for his same medications. DR. HIEMSTRA changed his blood pressure medication on him also without the advice of the Cardiologist. This person had side effects from the change of medicine and had to go back to the Cardiologist to get the correct medication. From what I know and have seen it looks like there could be a malpractice suit arising from the self-righteous attitude of DR. HIEMSTRA. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND FIND ANOTHER OFFICE AND PHYSICIAN. There are plenty of competent doctors out there. I am filing a complaint with the FLORIDA BOARD OF MEDICINE and the BBB as well as many other places due to my amendment rights.

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