PHH Mortgage / via H S B C Buffalo New York Review


PHH Mortgage who services mortgages for HSBC and often refers to themselves as Mortgage Service Center is absolutely the WORST “customer service”” experience I have ever had. On April 3

2015 I made my monthly mortgage payment of $868. The rep. that took the call ran my payment twice!! I found this out when I looked at my checking account statement online on 4-7-15. I immediately called PHH and at their request emailed them my bank statement immediately. I talked to them again on the same day after they confirmed receiving the email from me and was told that they were going to overnight me a check on Wednesday April 8th and would receive it on the 9th. On Wednesday the 8th

instead of doing what they said

they called me to inform me that they needed a letter from my bank stating that the bank was not going to reverse the funds….. even though the statement I sent them reflected they had already paid them the money!! My thoughts on this matter is this. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS TO GET MY MONEY BACK??? To make a long story short

my bank ended up being contact by PHH by phone instead of the 5 day long wait it would have taken to get the letter

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