Phoenix Cabinetry lake Zurich Illinois Review


Phoenix Cabinetry , Phoenix cabinets, rip off scam artists nGuys who every is planning to buy from Phoenix Cabinetry, stay away, stay far away, my carpenter talked me in to buying cabinets from them and from then on nothing but trouble, trouble and trouble, the sales lady there Cara who does not even know cabinet design is trying to sell me cabinets, she insists on buying from them and she will make sure everything is done right, my bad i still go with them and my night mare begins.nShe comes to take the measurement and everything wrong means everything wrong, they gave me a final print which i sign off, cabinets get delivered and completely wrong size cabinets horrible quality.nIt costed me $500 a day for the carpenter for doing nothing and trying to figure out what can be done and finally we had to send cabinets back to them to get it fixed and now we are having nothing but trouble. nTalked to John the owner of the company and he starts an argument and starts abusing me, I paid them 7k almost and now i am left with wrong doors and horrible cabinets, i am in the process of involving my attorney and see where it goes from here. nStay away from Cara and John from Phoenix Cabinetry Carol Stream

407 Gundersen Dr. Carol Stream, Illinois United States of America


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