Pieczynski Construction Review


Pieczynski was hired to remodel a bathroom to accommodate our elderly mother who had recently broken her hip. We paid 50% up front. The remodel was suppose to be finished within 2 weeks when she would get out of the hospital. Needless to say at the end of the second week we were nowhere close to finished. it has also become obvious he didn’t have necessary equipment and no plan to make a zero entry shower. All of the work was shoddy. But the thing that really alarmed us was he was not following any industry standards. He started putting up glass mosaic tiles on the shower wall with no waterproofing. Some of the tiles started falling off within a day. Then we noticed the heater he installed didn’t work. A check with the city permit office revealed he did not get an electrical permit and had defrauded the city by undervaluing the cost of the job. The inspector came out and told us the heater was not installed according to code or the manufactor’s instructions and we were lucky our house had not burned down. Not to mention our insurance may have not covered any damage because it was unpermitted work. We found out he had not used a licensed electrician. | He refused to meet with us to discuss our concerns on 2 separate occasions. At that point we fired him. | We have filed a complaint against him with the licensure board and they are investigating. | i know of two other customers who also fired him and have heard of another two. | Although we stopped him before he could do anymore damage, we want to put our story out there in order to hopefully keep someone from using him and risking their family’s safety. | We were able to fix the work he did wrong and finish the bathroom , but for almost 2 1/2 months our mother hobbled around the house with her walker looking for a bathroom she could use. It was very confusing for her not to be able to use the bathroom connected to her bedroom. She has Alzheimers and this has caused her to become even more confused and agitated. | He knew her medical status when he agreed to the job and the timeline. He took an old disabled lady’s money and gave her a demolished bathroom in return. | BE WARY OF MIKE PIECZYNSKI OF PIECZYNSKI CONSTRUCTION.


  • Name: Pieczynski Construction
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Mobile
  • Address: 162 April Street
  • Phone: (225) 747-0881
  • Website:

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