Pier West Waterford Wisconsin


Complaint: Pier West is the biggest joke that ever hit Twin Lakes. It was established by Chip Wamsley’s parents & their friends to provide poor Chippie a job so he could start paying child support on his 6 kids with 6 different women. Huge losses have been sustained due to Chip’s inability to run a restaurant/bar while he puts the moves on every young woman he employs. Women who turn his advances down wind up with a slanderous report on here because that is the only power he can attempt to hold over them. Chip needs to learn to keep his d**k in his pants, stop passing his kids off as other married men’s and stop slandering innocent women. His restaurant has piss poor food, organization; so pathetic that “Restaurant Impossible”” had to come in & try to clean up the mess. Yes

Tags: Restaurants

Address: he runs a bar where he loves to drink with the young ladies; makin’ more babies.”


Phone: 511 Wilmot Avenue Twin Lakes, Wisconsin USA

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