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So I dropped off my pool cleaner because it stopped functioning. I was told it was under warranty. I was called 5 hours later and was told it was ready. I paid $20 bench labor and returned home only to find out that the unit was still not functioning. In fact it was doing the exact same thing. I took the unit back and waited for 2 days. I called and was told once again that the unit was under warranty and that my cost would not exceed $50. I explained that I just wanted the unit to work or for the unit to be replaced. I was asked if I had just put pavers in. I said no. The rep stated that there was a lot of grit in the unit. I do not understand what that had to do with anything. Isn”t grit and dirt what the unit will find at the bottom of the pool? I waited 3 more days and called again and was told that they were waiting for the manufacturer to email them back. 3 days later and a little more perturbed I called again and was t ok old they were waiting for the manufacturer to email them back. I stated that I would appreciate a call from the manager or owner. Next day I called again and was told that they were waiting for the Manufacturer rep to email them back. A little more perturbed I was told that I was acting unreasonable and that I should not be raising my voice to the rep that I was speaking to. I stated I was at my wits end with this situation and the lack of communication from anyone on staff there as well as the lack of response from the owner or manager. I Al”s stated at that time that I was not calling anymore being that every conversation with them was initiated by me and I need a call from the manager or owner. Much to my surprise this morning I received a call for an employee who explained to me that they were waiting for the manufacturer to email them back ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I asked why the manager had not called me back and she stated because she was. I then tried to explain to this employee that I did not care at this point if the unit was under warranty or not. I just wanted to have it fixed and I would pay. I was told that the warranty runs out in a week. I stated that this was irrelevant. Are you going to fix.. every time I started speaking bnb or asking a question I was cut off shut down talked over. She had no intention of hearing ANYTHING I had to say and evidently neither did the owner or manger. She hung up on me. I jumped in my truck and went to the store and was greeted by a young man and told him that I was there to pick up my pool cleaner. It was quite obvious that the condescending little girl was the one who handed it to him because she had nothing good to say and just continued to be a pompous butt head as I retreated not saying a word with cleaner in hand. HAVE A NICE DAY! Unbelievable! I took the cleaner to another pool store at 11AM. The cleaner was returned to me at 3PM. $10 dollars later it has been running perfectly. I tell this story because I entered the store originally with the expectation of them having a staff that could fix the cleaner but instead was ignored by staff and managers and owners. Treated with an attitude of indifference verbally abused robbed of $20 and close to 3 weeks of my life that I will never get back. WHY? I will never know. All I have left is to post this all over the internet.

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