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I came across through a google search and several different youtube reviews and opted to purchase one human hair lace front unit. The shipping was fairly fast and when I took the unit out of the package, the texture and color of the hair was great. In a little over two weeks (18 days and a grand total of seven wears) I started to notice a lot of shedding at the crown of the unit. Right now, it is at the point where I do not feel confident at all in wearing it. A few days after I received the unit (Kim, yaki tecture 14 inches 1B in color), the company sent me an email requesting that I fill out a review that would ultimately be posted on the site. With a review, you should give your honest opinion, but the only way you will see your review on their site is if the product is rated over four stars. I only gave it three because of the shedding and the two gray hairs I found in the unit. The explanation they gave me was: “Ma’am, the reviews need to be approved by the admin which can take anywhere from 1 week to 6 months as we get a lot of reviews that is just spam. Thank you.” I should have been careful especially if it is coming from an email address I am not familiar with, but this company sent me the email with instructions on how to leave a review. I followed their links. I could have thought the same thing about them. I emailed the customer serivce and placed a phone call the following day. The CSR (customer service representative) called me the following morning and I exlpained to her the issues I was having with this unit. She told me that since I did not order a full lace wig, they are not able to do repairs. Fine. She also mentioned that I should try some top sealant on the unit. Fine. I was not at all satisfied. I asked for a small discount on another unit and she said that it would be up to the manager. Fine. I asked if a supervisor/manager would be able to call me the same day and I really did not get a clear repsonse. After I hung up from her, another email appeared in my inbox from the CSR. It reads: “Ticket status: New Department: General Subject: 10376 request for a call from the supervisor customer called in to complain about the kim wig she purchased online on march 13. she said the wig has shed a lot. I offered top loc knot sealer but she refused. the hair on top has shed badly and it wont help. wanted to talk to a supervisor i said they do not take in calls. she asked for a discount but i explained we are not allowed to give any extra discounts since the price on the web are already discounted. she said customer service is really bad bec I can not offer her anything. she does not want to talk to me anymore bec i cant offer her anything. wants a call from the supervisor. Sincerely, Pink Lace Wigs” 1) She never said anything about a manager not being able to speak to me and/or taking calls from their customers. And what kind of business practice is that? 2) She never said anything about the prices already being discounted either as a reason why they cannot give me a discount on a future unit. 3) Sealant won’t work on the area that is being affected. It is a lace front wigs. The shedding is apparent at the crown of the unit. The crown. 4) And yes the customer service is absolutely awful. I am not sure where these folks got their business degrees from. Most likely off the back of a milk carton because they are all really lost and daft when it comes to dealing with customers. My search for a decent human hair lace front continues. Ladies, be aware of this site. Take a chance if you really have the money to burn.

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