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Whenever I tried to call I always received voicemail, never a live person. When I requested a number (by e-mail) that I could call to reach someone live in customer service . I was told to call there customer service line, and leave my info for contact, because they are all busy this time of year. I became concerned about this because, if there was a problem after the sale I would like to be sure that I could call in and reach a real person, not just voicemail or e-mail. When I asked more questions and again about a number to a live person. (via e-mail) they would not give me an answer. The e-mails that were answered, were answered quickly and by Kevin. So I asked him for a phone number to reach him, there was no response. Again, all I wanted to do was call in and reach a live person to place an order. When I posted my concerns & e-mails to there Blog @ They were removed and I received this response “Our networking administrators have identified your ip address and disabled your access to our blog since you are spamming. Please discontinue the harassment of our company or we will pursue further action in this matter. We choose not to do business with people that use terrorist tactics.” So I ask myself how is trying to make a purchase a terrorist tactic? Why is trying to determine if you are a legitimate company qualify as harassment? All this, just for trying to call in and make a purchase thru a live person. Per Arizona public records they also do business as Pinnacle Tents and also Pinnacle Visions. Pinnacle Visions phone number (also voicemail every time I phoned) is also listed to what appears to be the owners Kevin & Annette Rak, at there home address in Scottsdale, AZ. With all the public records research I have done( to protect myself) and the attitude of this company, I have no other option then to believe that they are operating out of there home. And not all they claim to be. But, you should do your own research before deciding whether or not you want to do business with this company. I choose not to.

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