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In early August of 2020 I hired The Clinesmith Firm to represent me in a case against a death trap nursing home my mother was in Patterson Healthcare, located in Patterson, LA. My mother endured torture, abuse, and neglect at the nursing home. The Clinesmith Firm stated that I did have a case of gross negligence against Patterson Healthcare. They in turn hired out Pintas & Mullins to handle the case.

I sent the Clinesmith Firm all the documentation they requested and gave them a list of my mom’s doctors so that they could request all of her medical records. About four months in they (i.e. Clinesmith Firm) was stating that Patterson Healthcare was not responding to their requests for medical records. On two occasions I talked to Tara Cahill, who deals with their intake. She told me in both calls that it was not their first rodeo. She asured me that they had dealt with nursing homes like this (i.e. ignoring document requests) before and they know how to deal with them. She said they may have to take legal action to force them to produce the records.

On December 11, 2020 I called the Clinesmith Firm and talked to Tara Cahill about whether they had received the medical records. She stated they had not. I asked what would need to be done next to force it. She said that she did not know the exact procedure but would get someone to contact me.

On December 15, 2020 at 5:30PM I received an email from Katherine Warner, paralegal in the case management department of Pintas & Mullins. Katherine Warner stated in the email:

“It is with the utmost regret that I am writing this letter. I wish to first thank you for contacting our office in regards to your late mother’s potential nursing home case. Unfortunately, after a thorough review of your late mother’s potential nursing home case our office along with Clinesmith Law Firm, will be unable to continue our representation in this matter and have closed our file. Please see attached. ”

Thank you for contacting the office? This moron makes it seems like I had just inquired about whether I had a case or not. They were hired FOUR MONTHS prior. They have had plenty of time to review the matter and determine whether I had a case or not. In addition, the Clinesmith Firm was the ones who reviewed the case and were quite adamant that I did indeed have a case of gross negligence against the nursing home.

The PDF letter that Katherine Warner spoke of was a very vague letter that basically said “… after further review…” This was complete and total nonsense. So all of a sudden four months after they’re hired they decide to do a “further review?”

Let me tell you what I think. I have had this happen before with a law firm. I believe they were bought off. Think about it. The Clinesmith Firm claimed I had a case of gross negligence against Patterson Healthcare. The Clinesmith Firm’s representative, Tara Cahill, lead me on in two conversations assuring me they have dealt with nursing homes ignoring requests and that they know how to handle it. Then, all of a sudden, their partner firm does a “further review” and claims vaguely that after said review they can no longer take the case.

They (i.e. Clinesmith Firm or Pintas & Mullins) never gave a specific reason they could no longer handle the case. Saying that “… after further review…” but never stating what the review consisted of that made their decision looks exceedingly shady. While it’s not concrete evidence against the Clinesmith Firm or Pintas & Mullins, it most certainly puts these firms into question as to whether they can be bought out by a death trap medical organization such as Nexion Health.

You have to understand that Nexion Health owns about 27 nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the United States. That’s a lot of money behind them to pay off some shady attorneys.

I will be filing a complaint with the Illinois Bar Association (state that Pintas & Mullins is located) and the Louisiana Bar Association (the state which I reside).

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