Complaint: I have serious concerns about this company. I work for a National Mortgage company. I contacted Pioneer about some data needs. I spoke to Dan. He was very nice. I then started researching in preparation for our Vendor Management process. First red flag was in looking at their FAQ ( in keeps referring to their great scores on BBB and Google and contact their references. Nothing on this site makes reference to unless you dig deep into their term and conditions. There is a lonely e-mail address. When I tried to look them up on google or the Spokane BBB site they reference. Nothing found. I then started looking at their references. They all are gmail addresses (none of legitimate businesses. Now the Mortgage industry is very small so I know several of the companies they reference (even though they got the wrong State for some of them). I contacted colleagues over there who stated they not only never heard of this company. But they never heard of the alleged CMO in the reference video’s supposedly from these companies. After digging a bit deeper into their terms and conditions which is very careful not to reference any actual legitimate company name on their side. There was a single reference to [email protected]. By the way, these terms and conditions are the worst I have ever seen. Referencing they have the right not to deliver the data you pay for, and refusing service. Anyways, I went to and it had a different logo, but same list of references, same product type, etc. (Red flag number 2) yet they are out of Idaho, and not Spokane, WA. I called back and got an answering service stating no one was available. I left a message and then called back an hour later when I got no response. Dan again answered, and I asked why I couldn’t find their BBB profile nor their Google. He said he is new there and would need to speak to his manager and give me a call back. I asked if he wanted my number before he hung up, he said “Oh yeah

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Address: let me get your number””. Never heard back from him. Not sure who he had to speak to as I have since learned that Dan is the co-owner of the company. In researching further

Website: neither of these entities passed our vetting process. But someone should investigate this organization. Ripoff Scamss:

Phone: there is a lot of complaints on Ripoff Scams. I have been an Executive in this industry a long time and have due diligence processes to stop us from dealing with questionable companies. However there are a lot of smaller brokers and/or companies that do not and are not that sophisticated. I would hate to see them taken advantage of by questionable services like this. This should be warning

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