Pittsburg Steel And MFG Co. Inc. Ludlow Falls Ohio Review


I received an email from a Mr. Jay with broken English inquiring about renting a time share for one week from me that I had offered on Craig’s list. He ven gave me and address from Middlesex, United Kingdom, along with a phone number. nI received from Fed Ex a check for triple the amount and asking me to wire the extra money back to him as his wife’s company had over payed by including the food and travel expenses they were giving these people for their honeymoon present. There were frequent e mails from this person telling me the check is on the way. I did Google the phone number to find out that it had been associated with an earlier scam. I will destroy his check. nKarennLudlow Falls, OhioU.S.A.

748 E 520th Avenue Pitsburg, Kansas U.S.A.


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