Pizza 73 Complaint


Called to oreder a pizza the way i like it. Large BBQ chicken with donair sauce subbed for the base sauce the second was going to be a large pepperoni with extra cheese. After having Shuki? argue that i was unable to do that as it is no longer a BBQ chicken i had to go out at 1 am to go to a physical location to pick up my za that supposedly could not be made only to have a lady at the counter tell me anything can be made. This was the WORST delivery service i have ever recieved as i had to GO GET IT MYSELF. Now here i sit only to realise i only recieved my chicken pizza no pepperoni pizza. I hope as a company this is not the quality of service i am to expect from you as a long standing customer. Now here i sit not even wanting this food as i am missing half my order.

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