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Complaint: Suspected Employee Fraud at: Pizza Hut #024013 2324 Ardmore Blvd Forest Hills, PA 15221 I been talking to employees at this restaurant and a lot of them believe they are being cut out of wages or hours. When I saw the store for myself their was no cameras and the store manager was outside with friends talking for a hour and I asked the other employees if she was on the clock and they said yes. One employee I talk to on a daily basis and she works overtime most weeks (I understand they do not make 1.5x wages) yet she barely brings home $400 every 2 weeks at $8hr; while I was making $180 at another pizza place at only 26 hours. The main concern of providing proof is that 1) There is no cameras 2) They say that the head manager can change how many hours they worked. 3) Supposedly the head manager is in friendly terms with the regional manager so when issues were brought up to him, “He takes her side”” The head manager’s name is Melissa and the regional manager’s name is Ted to my understanding. I instructed them to all record when they clock in and clock out; including panning the camera at the clock and state the date and time. Nothing angers me more than people who are unfair and cheat others out of what they earn. So I am doing this for them. These employees are afraid to say or do anything cause it may result in them being fired and we all see how bad the job market is currently. The latest information I got tonight was “”Didn’t contact her for 3 weeks after his sister killed herself then a week later a good friend of his got shot and killed and then his dad was shot”” I hope something is done to remove these people from their positions. They do not deserve to be over anyone. Thank you for your time.”

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Address: 2324 Ardmore Blvd Forest Hills, Pennsylvania United States of America


Phone: 412-271-3200

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