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Complaint: My daughter, her boyfriend, and my grandson ordered a Pizza from Pizza Hut. It arrived 90 minutes later COLD. They took the pizza back to Pizza Hut wanting a new pizza or a refund. The boyfriend took the pizza inside and told an employee what happened. The employee started cussing and said NO WAY was the pizza delivered cold. The boyfriend asked to speak to the manager. The manager appeared, said he was sorry and gave the refund. The boyfriend went back to his car to leave. The employee that was cussing him followed him outside to the car where my daughter and my grandson was waiting. The employee pulled up his shirt and showed them a gun. He said, “I’m toting man

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Address: what you going to do now?”” The boyfriend picked up his cell phone and called the police. In the meantime the employee went back in and called the police also. He told the police that the boyfriend had a gun. The police arrived and found NO guns anywhere. Other employees in Pizza Hut told the police that the boyfriend did not have a gun but would not admit to the employee having a gun. I sent Corp. Headquarters an email about this and have called them but never get to speak to anyone. I did finally receive an email “”Thanking me for my Feedback””. I don’t know if anything was ever done about this. What ever happened to Customer Service and The Customer is Always Right?? Debra Portland

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