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Complaint: I quit working at Pizza Pizza as a cook shortly after I was hired because they refused to work with my class schedule. They were completely rude when I said I couldn’t make it in, and after witnessing one of the managers, Das, insult and upset a girl (who spoke little English) by refusing to remove a shift she couldn’t work because of class, I just left. If only I could have known they treat former employees worse than current ones. I received a check about a month later for about 8$, for the 22 hours I worked. In the RoE, it said I was owed more than that, about 220$, from a previous check. I was puzzled as to why I hadn’t received it, since I had given my direct deposit information to a supervisor. I called that supervisor to ask, and as always, he was rude to me and told me he had nothing to do with it. I then contacted Das, who had hired me, and seemed to be in charge of the office in Ottawa. After several days with no reply, I contacted him again. Then I filed a complaint with the Ministry of Labour. Finally, Das told me I could pick the check up at his office, but only at two certain times. For one, I was in class and my fiance went to the office, only to be told Das wasn’t there and hadn’t been all day. The second time, I had to help with a group project after class, and couldn’t make it (my classes are out at 2:30 every weekdays, it takes about an hour to get to his office. He’s only there till 5 at the latest). I have contacted Das since about another time to pick up the check, but he has not replied for several days. Maybe he’s just busy ripping off other people? I guess he thinks I am probably going to let this drop. I plan on doing whatever it takes to get my money out of this company if I have to start harassing their call center, go to small claims, or just wait till classes end and set up a little camp outside his office. Fever Ottawa, OntarioCanada

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Address: 770 Industrial Ave, Unit 8 Ottawa, Ontario Canada



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