PJP Health Agency Jersey City New Jersey Review


This place is a complete scam. They will put nothing in writing (try to get an email response from them with whatever you talked about in writing and you won’t get it) and they will use all the con games to establish trust. They will tell you that they’ll offer you a policy under the group, ‘ENA’, and that Blue Cross/Blue Shield is the provider for all 50 states (with your insurance card saying Blue Cross / Blue Shield PPO). If you ask for a list of doctors, they’ll still continue the scam by directing you to a blue cross / blue shield web site. But … call Blue Cross Blue Shield. They will tell you that they stopped doing business with PJP and have NO association with them (!!!). STAY AWAY. Even the costs are carefully chosen to make it not look like it’s too good to be true. I can just imagine if someone goes with them, how horrible it will be trying to actually get the medical benefits that you pay for.

3 Huntington Quadrangle Melville, New York United States of America



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