PKG, LLC Review


After a day or two of applying for jobs I recieved the following email: | Dear Potential Employee, | Thank you for applying to become a member of our esteemed Company. Your application was received and reviewed by my HR dept, after close consideration, you have been shortlisted and offered a job with PKG LLC. | Let me use this opportunity to introduce Our company, PKG, LLC was originally founded in 1987 by Paul Sheets to support the Aftermarket Runningboard Industry. As times changed, so did the business. In July of 2007, PKG, LLC, was purchased by Jamie and Lynn Lego. It is still family-owned and operated right here in Sturgis, MI. We treat every customer like they are a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to customers generally within 2-3 business days | Our ideal candidate must be someone that can be trusted and reliable and work very well with good understanding. We are establishing a new office location in your area which you will be a part of the team upon completion. This position has the option of part time and Full time for the right candidate. Duties and tasks: Your activities amongst other things will include: | -Make travel arrangements | -order office supplies | -running personal errands | -Multiple clerical paperwork tasks | -Selling and shipping eBay items | -Occasionally running local errands | -Stock market research tasks (you will be taught) | -Real estate investing research tasks (you will be taught) | -And a variety of other tasks. | Some work might eventually be able to be accomplished from your home.In your response, send the following details below for office records. | -full name: | -mailing Address: | -Cell phone number: | NOTE: This is only an introductory/offer e-mail, You are required to respond within two(2) days to accept this offer. | We look forward to receiving your acceptance. | Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response | Best regards, | Jamie Lego | CEO, PKG LLC | Sent from | [email protected] | I accepted the offer contingent upon compensation, location, and schedule. I then recieved a text from (915)213-4374 | He offered $650/wk and sent me emails with tasks such as: Provide a competatve quote on 15 computers and 5 scanners; compose a list of suggested toys for children 8-12 (for a “Foster Program” he works with); send links of local warehouses for lease with 450-500 sq ft, etc. All very unconcerning tasks. He then stated he would soon need to send me on errands that would require me to make purchases– and so I needed to obtain a Wells Fargo Easy Pay Card so that he could easily transfer funds I would need on a regular basis, and it would also be how my salary would be paid. I was suspicious, but as I had nothing better to do other than the occasional interview, I went ahead and open an easy pay account with Wells Fargo. I asked then what information would be needed to have funds transferred into the account– account and routing number would all that would be needed. | I notified him when I recived my card. He then said he would need: the name the card was under, address, and online login info so that he can track all transactions. I set up my online account as well as a “Third Party” login, that allows the user to view transactions and nothing else. I provided the info to him, and very quickly he complained that he could only view the account. I explained that I did not have enough information about him or the company and did not feel comfortable providing full access to a bank account in my name, dispite there only being the $25 minimum within. I asked for him to provide a picture of his drivers license and business license so I could verify his identity– and I havent heard from him since. | Luckily I had not provided any damaging information, but I wanted to warn other job searchers to beware. The world has become a cruel greedy place.


  • Name: PKG, LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Sturgis
  • Address: 68838 Broadus Street, Ste B
  • Phone: 269-651-8640
  • Website:

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