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Complaint: Paul Rueda of PKR Construction LLC contacted me in July of 2016 stating he was helping another contractor, who I gave a 25,000 deposit to, because he was ill and could not repair my home. This was a lie! After months of trying to get my deposit back, which I did, I signed a contract with PKR Construction Paul Rueda. I gave him a deposit of 25,000. I repeatedly asked Paul for invoices for the work that was being done which was required as per our contract and by the bank for release of more money. Paul Rueda refused, he said he was not required to give me this information. He gave me a paper with just amounts of costs but not proper documentation. Also, Paul did not fill out information properly for our bank on sereral ocasions and blamed the bank. Thanks to my bank for being diligent in their efforts to protect the rest of my money. My bank sent an inspector, after we had given him a total of 54,000, who gave a report of zero progress on repairs. After asking Paul again for invoices he stated he needed to ask his attorney if he can can release this information to me and this was the last time I heard from Paul Rueda. Many phone calls were never ruturned. Finally I recieved a call from his employee stating that he claimed bankruptcy. Paul hired a lifting company to lift my house a few feet off the ground and company to remove the slab under my house. That is all he did. Debris still remains on my property. Paul said the town wouldnt give him a permit for a dumpster. Paul had stated to me that he was taking money out of his own pocket. I dont know how this was possible if he paid the lifter 7,500 and the concrete removal company 4,000. He has 54,000 of my money. I am at very least the fifth person to file a complait about PKR Contruction LLC / Paul Rueda. I still have not gotten my money back. Paul Rueda has in his possession all paperwork including my plot plans which cost me 2,500.00. Paul Rueda pleaded guity to my case in court with the Division of Consumer Affairs in August of 2017. He was fined for his action. There has been no restitution to me. As a result my house still sits on pallets and I no access to additional funds to repair this home I worked my whole life for!!! Its not a palace but its was my palace!!!

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Address: 302 Second St Beach Haven, New Jersey United States


Phone: 609-549-3211

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