Planet DVD Store Complaint


After searching for a website ( the one I ordered my dvd set from is has now vanished ) I came upon this complaint site. I too have ordered a complete set of “Then came Bronson for $57.00. I ordered it March 30, 2009. The e-mail indicated it would be 8 -10 days to receive it. I have sent the 3rd e-mail today to the only e-mail address I have from the copy I ran when ordering it. I”m not sure where this store is located but after viewing this site, there must be quite a few…I will start with my bank, where the debit went through. I believe from past experience that they have the name and numbers/address of who runs these payments through. I”m going to at least try. I have no intention of doing nothing, even though I have “nothing” and from all I”ve read maybe I”m lucky I don”t! I will keep you all posted of my progress and I hope you all with for the rest of us suckers…these folks need to be caught and prosecuted for theft. What really burns me is I always use paypal, and the one time I didn”t look what the hell happened! I”ll know better and stick to E-bay next time…it was just they didn”t have this dvd set that I so wanted to get for my hubby 🙁 I hate them!

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