Planet Fitness Louisville Colorado Review


When I joined this Club three months ago, I thought I was going to get free training, free pizza, and free bagels. There were some cute girls there too. Then I realized that the Club Owner is an Arab from Michigan, and things all came together. No one gets into shape there at all. You get all you can eat pizza along with all you can eat bagels. So I wound up eating more pizza bagels and pizza then I did before I started working out there. In fact after joining Planet Fitness I began to gain weight not lose. I think though its becuase its like a wearhouse of work out machines with no capability for real aerobic exercises. No aerobics classes, no cycling no stretching classes. I went there on a Friday night and it looked like the Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show. Guys with a few large pec muscles, girls in tight shorts. I should say FAT girls in tight shorts (they had eaten pizza a few Mondays in a row I think.) So I go to the owner and complained about a fat girl with her butt hanging out and he tells me just not to look. In fact he gave a “free”” membership to the upgraded massage area. Little did I know that I had signed a contract for 12 months with a huge a]cnacellation fee. What is this about? So when I tried to cancel my membership two mnths later on a Monday night- he says I can’t do that and then he asks me if I want to eat pizza with him … “”in his bak office””. I wouldn’t go in the back office with this guy for a million free pizzas. So now he wants a $70 cancellation fee as well as this month $10 dues. I said no. Then he asked me if I am Jewish- which I am … then he says if this were Saudi Arabia I would be kicked out of his gym… then he says that I do not respect Arabs and that since I am Jewish I would not accept a refund. This jerk uses a fake name- he is from Michigan… (he tells everybody he is from Arizona).. he is an Arab guy with a fake last name and someone told me his real name is Mizorany.. MIsery loves company and this guy is miserable. Give me back my money mr. Pullman!!!! Mr. Smith or whatever you are trying to haide youyr Arab ancestry. Its ok man I wont blame you for 911 just give me my money back.”

2100 21st Avenue Longmont, Colorado USA

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