Plantron Inc, Four Seasons Nurseries,House of Wesley Centuria Wisconsin Review


Purchased bare root plants for $31.43. Received stock and planted the next day even though they looked dead. Waited for the plants to prosper for two weeks. I sent a letter with copy of check as well as photo copies of items ordered asking for a refund or replacement. Got a letter back stating that I needed to send the original shipping label along with cancelled check. Who saves the shipping container or shipping label for that matter. I called them and talked to an answering service. They were very nice and told me to send another letter again with copy of check and state that I didn’t have the shipping label as well as the plants were DOA. BTW, they looked up my order in the computer system and saw my record of the order yet they still wanted another letter.To make a long story short they sent me another shipment that was also dead and dried up pieces of wood. Laural Adams had the gall to say that perhaps I did not know the difference between dormant and DEAD plants. I report these shysters to the Attorney General of Illinois, Consumer Fraud Div and the BBB. I wasn’t surprised when I found that they are not represented by the Better Business Bureau.Plantron sent me a check for $21.94, which I don’t plan to cash until I get the remainder of my $31.43.Beware these folks are shysters. The should be investigated for mail fraud.

1706 Morrissey Bloomington, Illinois United States of America


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